1. Name : The Organization shall be known the Gampaha District United Muslim
    Association. (there – in – after called as “The Association”)
  2. Office : The office of the Association shall be in 1123/5/A, Samagi Mawatha.
    Hunupitiya, Wattala, Sri Lanka
  3. Aims and Objects : The aim and objects of the Association shall be :
    (a) to foster unity, brother hood and solidarity among the Muslim youth
    of Sri Lanka, in accordance with Islam.
    (b) to promote and foster patriotism and communal harmony.
    (c) to develop and maintain among Muslim youth of Sri Lnka the highest
    standards of discipline, character and service motivation.
    (d) to Co-operate with friendly communities and to work for the
    development of the Nation (e) to promote Educational, Sports and
    other activities among Muslim Youth.
  4. Membership : Any person not below eighteen years of age subscribing to the objects of
    the Association and admitted by the Management Committee either upon
    application or on invitation.
    5-A. Office bearers : (A-1) The office bearers of the Association shall be elected at the Annual
    General Meeting
    (A-2) They shall be :
    i) The President
    ii) Two vice Presidents
    iv) Joint Secretaries
    v) Treasurer
    vi) Nine Committee Members
    5-B. Sub Committees : i) Education and Vocational Training
    ii) Intellectual Development
    iii) Sports and Health
    iv) Social Harmony
    v) Livelyhood Development
    vi) Art and Culutre
    vii) Political
  • 1 –
    (a) Each committee shall comprise Five (05) members.
    (b) Committee shall be selected by the Executive committee.
    (c) Sub Committees shall be appointed in the future for Thihariya,
    Wattala, Malwana and Negombo zones in the Gampaha district.
    (d) Executive shall appoint a co-ordinator for each and every for relevent
    electorates in the Gampaha district.
    (e) Honorary members too shall be appointed to these sub committees.
  1. Meetings : (a) Period :- The Meeting of the Associations shall as far as circumstances
    permit to be held as follows:
    General Meeting :- At least three years
    Executive Committee :- At least once a month
    (b) Notice – General Meeting :- At least Ten days notice
    Executive Committee :- At least seven days notice
    (c) Quorum for General Meeting shall be 25% of the member of persons
    eligible to attend the meeting
    (d) Ouorum for Executive committee five members.
  2. President : (a) The President shall preside at all meeting of the Association.
    (b) In his absence the Vice Presidents in the order in which they were
    elected, shall preside.
    (c) In their absence the meeting shall elect one of its members to preside.
  3. The Honorary
    General Secretary : (a) The Honorary General Secretary shall have power and right as
    determined by the executive Committee.
    (b) The Honorary General Secretary shall :
    (i) Summon’s Annual General Meeting and executive committee
    (ii) Prepare Annual report.
    (iii) Maintain an up to date register of Members.
    (iv) Carry out such instruction of the executive committee as may
    be given from time to time.
  4. The Honorary
    Treasurer : (a) The Honorary Treasurer shall: –
    (i) Receive and use as directed by the executive committee all
    monies and other payment of the Association and shall keep
    proper accounts and records there of.
    (ii) Prepare a monthly statement to the Executive of the
    (iii) Prepare Annual Statement of Accounts and Balance sheet of
    the Executive Committee to be submitted at the Annual General
    Meeting and have them audited in time for the annual General
  • 2 –
    (iv) Perform all other duties as directed by the Executive
  1. Termination of
    Membership :- The Membership in the Association may be terminated in the following
    (a) By death
    (b) By resignation
    (c) By Expulsion or Removal by the Executive Committee after a
    disciplinary inquiry.
  2. Finance : (a) All members shall pay an annual subscription of Rs. 24000/- to the
    (b) All subscriptions shall be paid to the Honorary Treasurer of the
    Association during the course of the current year and at least one (1)
    month before the Annual General meeting.
    (c) There shall be Bank Accounts in the name of the Association in any
    Bank approved by the Executive Committee.
    (d) The said Bank Accounts shall be jointly operated by the Treasurer
    and either by the president or honorary General Secretary.
    (e) The Honorary Treasurer shall at no time keep in hand more than Rs.
    8000/- in cash of the funds of the Association and shall forth with
    deposit any excess in the Bank in the name of the Association.
  3. Amendments to the Constitution:
    Any amendment to the constitution will have to be supported by two
    members and after approval by the executive committee shall be place
    before the General meeting for approval.
    Founder Members :
  4. A.R.M.Muzammil J.P. – Kelani
  5. M.R.M.Irfan – Biyagama
  6. Al Haj C.H.C.M. Rafeek – Makola
  7. Saiful Harees – Mahare
  8. M.N.M.Alavi – Dompe
  9. M.T.M.Munas – Thihariya
  10. A.R.Rizvy Mohamed – Thihariya
  11. M.A.M.Kaman – Thihariya
  12. M.A.Jasri – Wattala
  13. M.N.M.Naleem – Wattala
  • 3 –
  1. Faris T. Adhan – Katana
  2. T.Z.Pakeerali – Wattala
    Those who are all life Members.

S.H.M. Noufer A.R.M. Muzammil J.P.
Hony. President Hony. Secretary

  • 4 –
    Prepared by :
    A.R.M.Muzammil J.P. M.T.M.Munas A.R.Rizvy Mohamed